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Da Vinci Code Facts Page 2

Dr. Robet Langdon asks what is the hidden
word in this picture?

Westminster Abbey by Night

I visited Westminster Abbey site of The Da Vinci  Codes wild-goose chase scene while on duty overseas with the State Department.  As we strolled through this gigantic labyrinth of history, I suddenly looked up and found that I'd become separated from my tour guide.  It was closing time. Dark shadows huddled in corners ready to leap out at me as I passed. I quickened my pace, finally breaking into a run as my footfalls slapped the cold floor, echoing at my heels.  Then up ahead, a dim light winked in the darkness. And a voice floated toward me through the must-filled air.


It was her voice, the voice of wisdom---Sophia


The light grew closer, brighter until it seemed to sear my eyes with its intensity. I closed them tight, gasping for air in ragged breaths.


A starburst exploded on the dark screen of my eyelids.


They found me two days later, eyes glassed over and disoriented, sitting on a bench in Hyde Park.  A thin white streak ran through my dark brown hair.


I kept repeating one word over and over like a demented fool:


She, She, She . . . .


Shopia Goddess of Wisdom

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