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True Russian Author of the Protocols of the Elders
of Zion. The true dark protocols!



From Robert Anton Wilson's The Illuminatus Trilogy
"... Behind the Golden Dawn and the OTO and the Vril Society is a hidden group of real Initiates.  There was a German branch of the Golden Dawn, and Hitler was a member ... the Golden Dawn was founded by a German woman, carrying on a tradition that was already a hundred years old in Bavaria."


Please note that I as a novelist am trying to make a point!
Racism and hatred, no matter who indulges in it , no matter which group is the target of attack, is wrong!  Writers frequently use the vehicle of fiction to make their point.  For example, the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was an anti-war movie which used a SCI-FI script as its medium.  My novel is a tongue-in-cheek look at conspiracy theories in general.  No more, no less.
 Below are some examples of reverse disinformation.  A Jewish writer's  attack on the new age movement that utilizes the same reasoning as the Protocols of Zion, making the same accusations that were made against Zionism but here the  villain becomes  The New Age Movement.
 Though paranoia can be a good thing at times (the highest state of awareness), it can also lead to elitism, racism, and good old denial of responsibility for one's actions. 

 To quote Mr. Bill "Clean up your act Eddie Murphy and the Osbournes' TV show on MTV": Cosby spoke of a hypothetical only-two-survivors-of-the-holocaust theme:  "Now there are only two of us left in the world.  And I don't much like that other Son of a Bitch, either!

Get my drift?


Damn Vegtables! They're gonna ruin the
neighborhood if we don't stop them. Marry our daughters, attend our schools ....

Complete List on all 24 Protocols:

Protocol I - The Basic Doctrine Protocol II - Economic Wars Protocol III - Methods of Conquest Protocol IV - Materialism Replace Religion Protocol V - Despotism and Modern Progress Protocol VI - Take-Over Technique Protocol VII - World-Wide Wars Protocol VIII - Provisional Government Protocol IX - Re-education Protocol X - Preparing for Power Protocol XI - The Totalitarian State Protocol XII - Control of the Press Protocol XIII - Distractions Protocol XIV - Assault on Religion Protocol XV - Ruthless Suppression Protocol XVI - Brainwashing Protocol XVII - Abuse of Authority Protocol XVIII - Arrest of Opponents Protocol XIX - Rulers and People Protocol XX - Financial Programme Protocol XXI - Loans and Credit Protocol XXII - Power of Gold Protocol XXIII - Instilling Obedience Protocol XXIV - Qualities of the Ruler Epilogue


Introduction  To the History of the Protocols of Zion:
It is a classic in paranoid, racist literature. Taken by the gullible as the confidential minutes of a Jewish conclave convened in the last years of the nineteenth century, it has been heralded by anti- Semites as proof that Jews are plotting to take over the world. Since its contrivance around the turn of the century by the Russian Okhrana, or Czarist secret police, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" has taken root in bigoted, frightened minds around the world.
The booklet's twenty-four sections spell out the alleged secret plans of Jewish leaders seeking to attain world domination. They represent the most notorious political forgery of modern times. Although thoroughly discredited, the document is still being used to stir up anti-Semitic hatred..

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Dr. Caligari ... new minister of propaganda ....
And Chief of Homeland Security

Dan Brown once again will see demons under our beds in Washington D.C. where the Mason's left their trail THE SOLOMEN KEY ...

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Note: According to reputable scholars, including Prof. Norman Cohn in his noted book,Warrant for Genocide, the world-control myth was actually lifted from a 19th century French political satire in which the alleged plotters weren't even Jewish.

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Last month, while in Florence, Professor Langdon uncovered an ancient parchment that historians now believe may be the work of Leonardo da Vinci. The encoded parchmentbearing the name La Profezia (The Prophecy)raised eyebrows when scholars discovered it was signed "LSPDV." (Leonardo's full name was Leonardo Ser Pieri Da Vincio).

More intriguing still is the legend that the visionary Leonardo, in the days before his death, made a powerful prophecy about the future. Could this be Da Vinci's long lost prediction? Historians remain eager to learn what this parchment says. The code has yet to reveal its mystery, but Robert Langdon is very close to finding the key to deciphering the message.
Leonardo's encoded message consists of 24 symbols. Robert Langdon is certain there exists a key, and he is working very hard to find it.

The "Sacred Geometry" of the Masonic layout of streets in Washington, D.C., will most likely lead Brown's Professor Langdon to discover that Fort Marcy Park lies along the same line as that made by the National Mall, which lies between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, and that extending that line almost all the way across the United States would pass directly through the Mormon Tabernacle Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Oddly, the Mormon Tabernacle is closed to the public throughout 2006.) Even more eerie, a line drawn from the Washington Monument to Rock Creek Park, where the body of Chandra Levy, a attractive Jewish woman who was a federal Bureau of Prisons intern and the secret lover of a Congressman, was found in 2002, would, if extended, pass through the Scottish Rite Freemasonic Center in D.C., as well as through Freemason's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Above Levy's name is handwritten the words "Shari Eli." Perhaps a character name? Chandra is Sanskrit for "light," that which Masons claim to seek.

One of the strangest pages may be this list of statues and monuments in the Washington, D.C. area, with perplexing phrases after them:

  • D.C. Masonic Temple — Irish ale
  • Jeff Memorial — A fenced in miser
  • Albert Pike statue — Fresh cad onto a monk
  • Persephone statue on Capitol — Hi, Israel
  • Geo. Washington Masonic Memorial — Print a rug, Ben
  • Washington Obelisk — Accords femmes

Notes: The last one may refer to the Washington Monument. "Accords femmes" translates from French into "women's agreements."

George Washington and Albert Pike were both Freemasons, as was Ben Franklin, who may be the "Ben" referenced in one of the phrases. "Ben" may also refer to the character Ben Gates in the film National Treasure.

The message of the Georgia Guidestones, written in English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, and Swahili is:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


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