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F. Paul Wilson ... Tim Lebbon ... Ramsey Campbell ...Tina L. Jens ... Robert Weinberg ... Mort Castle ... Nancy Kilpatrick ... Sephera Giron ... Thomas Deja ... J. Knight these along with other masters of suspense plunge you into their corkscrew world of hateful revenge, uncertain fate, and finally--panic. You drift deeper and deeper, tumbling into THE BLACK SPIRAL.


In twenty maximum-fear-factor tales of suspense you'll encounter... Elvis rising from the grave to wreak havoc on a rap group who's been sampling his songs ... the uncertainty of crossing over into the shadowy world of the near death experience ...  a writer who finds himself hunted like a character in the pages of his own screenplay ... a young couple who think theyve found their dream home that is, until they learn of its blood-soaked past ... a seductive vixen who uses her voluptuous body as bait as she prowls the Goth scene's nightlife looking for fresh meat, leading to an orgiastic night that guarantees eternal life for Vanessa and her all-consuming passions ... lust-filled ghosts who covet and  seduce unsuspecting women as they sleep ...  a beautiful, hard-driving  femme fatale who's on the run in the dusty heart of the Arizona Desert and races the devil for pink slips, and a serpent-handling, traveling preacher man who unwittingly makes a pact with "Old Mr. Scratch"  himself.


These stories are at once eerie and haunting, chilling and nightmarishly brilliant.  Guaranteed to prickle your skin with gooseflesh, and keep you reading until the wee hours of dawn.












Robert Weinberg and Tina L.Jens--"ELVIS CAN'T DANCE"


Gnashing his teeth, Elvis pushed open the lid of his coffin and sat up. Angrily, he reached over and shut off the nearby radio, cutting off the song in mid-play. There was a limit to what even the dead could stand. And a rap group sampling his songs was two steps over the line.



F.Paul Wilson--"CUTS"


LA screenwriter Milo Johnson is having a bad day. The studio is busting his chops over his latest adaptation of a horror novel.  More sex and violence they say.  And even worse, he awakens to find his body riddled with abrasions and welts. Before his doctor can make a psychiatric referral for self-mutilation, Milo discovers the awful truth ... revenge is the dish best eaten cold.


Tim Lebbon--"FELL SWOOP"


Jack groaned and raised himself up on one elbow, closing his eyes to try to purge his mind of hallucination and pain.  When he opened them again the man was still there, hands resting on knees, long hair hanging over one shoulder in a ponytail.  His eyes were black and he was staring directly at Jack.

      "Wake up," the naked man said.  It's going to be a hell of a day.


. . . and Jack turned and ran back down the sideroad he had emerged from, seeking the sightless, soundless blank oblivion of the previous night.

            "I'll find you," Rook had said.  The stranger who wore his face.


Derrick Douglas--DEAD HEAT


If looks could kill, they'd look like Madison Chase; blonde, appealing, deadly:


As the speedometer needle shivered past ninety, Madison squinted anxiously through the bug-splattered windshield of the stolen Shelby Mustang Cobra. The tour bus loomed on her right...


The driver turned toward her, sunlight glinting off his Ray-Bans, and suddenly pulled hard left. The bus careened across the centerline--pummeling the side of the muscle car with a glancing blow.


Her teeth shook with the force of the collision.


Tortured sheet metal shrieked and buckled.


As the steering wheel was nearly ripped from Madison's hands, she wrestled it and held tight as the pony car lurched onto the shoulder, kicking up gravel that sprayed noisily against the undercarriage.  The steering wheel shook, sending bone-numbing vibrations up her arms.


Time and the world blurred into slow motion.


Dont hit the brakes, foot off the gas, her mind coached matter-of-factly as experience overruled panic.


Regaining control, Madison hitched the wheel to the right and plunged back onto the blacktop.  She stood on the gas, double-clutching through the gears, sending all 390-ft. lbs. of torque to the rear axle, which caused the Mustang's tail end to whip violently as she closed the distance in seconds.


Frantically, her eyes searched the dash gauges. They read normal. "Good boy, Frank," she said, praising the Cobra's stamina. "Now lets frag their ass!"

As she tucked the Mustang tight on their butt and eased off the gas, the throaty bark of the dual exhaust empowered her.  With unblinking eyes, she took in the red custom-painted letters scrawled across the back of the bus that read:




Richard D. Weber-- WOMAN-CHILD


Now, as she lay in bed, her button-down nightshirt riding high on her firm thighs, her legs propped up, she gave Capt. Wiggly a horsy-back ride. "Ride a cock horse to Mulberry bush . . . ride a cock horse on . . ." she sang.

With each bounce of her knees, the inseam of the little clown's pants bulged slightly at the crotch.

She yawned and reached over, extinguishing the light.

"Good night, Capt. Wiggly." As she began to drift into sleep, Phoebe pulled her legs into the fetal position, snuggling the clown firmly between her thighs.

Concealed by the cloak of darkness, Capt. Wiggly smiled like the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  His form shape-shifted, elongating, stretching, rippling beneath the covers.

 Coming in October 2003 ....

ISBN  1-897013-221

The Black Spiral: Twisted Tales of Terror
by F. Paul Wilson (Editor), Richard D. Weber (Performer), Ramsey Campbell (Performer), Tim Lebbon

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Product Details
  • Paperback: 256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 9.00 x 0.57 x 6.00
  • Publisher: Cyber-Pulp; (December 2003)
  • ISBN: 1897013221

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"The Black Spiral: Twisted Tales of Terror"Copright 2003 by R. D.Weber
all rights reserved. The Writers Guild of America Registration Number: 946843.  The Black Spiral: Twisted Tales of Terror
                             ISBN 1-897013-22-1

"It was during a protracted series of failed suicide attempts that I first discovered the delights of BLACK SPIRAL, handed to me by a wretched tramp in a bus shelter one rainy day. I resigned to throwing myself from an iron bridge over the Cheddar gorge but my body refused to die ... BLACK SPIRAL brought me back from the brink. I next tried shooting my forehead clean off with my grandfather's shotgun but my brain refused to die ... BLACK SPIRAL showed me the way back to recovery. Next, a truck, it's horn blaring... For months this mania continued... each time I was welcomed back into the gory embrace of BLACK SPIRAL. Until one day I discovered that it was BLACK SPIRAL that was making me commit these serial suicides, it was BLACK SPIRAL that made me cling onto life when reason would have left me for dead. The very next day I resorted to burning the damned book ... and BLACK SPIRAL made me suffer from my transgression." Hertzan Chimera, 2003.


"BLACK SPIRAL is a wonderfully 'twisted' book which takes the reader on
a spiraling descent into terror. I recommend it for any connoisseur of
the nightmare world of suspense."
Charlee Jacob: six time Stoker nominee and author of THIS SYMBIOTIC

Relive the car chase ... Bullittt meets Duel !!

Meet our heroine ... Madison Chase!

Meet Frank ... our heroine's pony car

click here to play Bullitt Chase video

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Meet Vanessa ... she HUNGERS
for your company!

Rapt in his twisted obession ... he was a Watcher.
But when they finally met .... was he ready to pay the price?
Meet Gillian ...
the girl with the hungry eyes
Someone to ...
Watch Over Me !!
The Vamp Two-time Stoker nominee
Ramsey Campbell ...
F. Paul "Repairman Jack" Wilson
British Fantasy Award Winner! VP HWA

Sephera Giron ...
Light Reign Or' Me! Queen of the Dark!

Internationl Horror Guild Nominee


by R. Douglas Weber, Douglas Weber R Douglas Weber

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  • Paperback: 400 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.89 x 8.50 x 5.50
  • Publisher:; (March 2003)
  • ISBN: 159281042X
  • In-Print Editions: Hardcover | e-book (Microsoft Reader) | e-book (Adobe Reader) | All Editions
  • Average Customer Review: Based on 23 reviews. Write a review.
  • Sales Rank: 6,200

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Last month, while in Florence, Professor Langdon uncovered an ancient parchment that historians now believe may be the work of Leonardo da Vinci. The encoded parchmentbearing the name La Profezia (The Prophecy)raised eyebrows when scholars discovered it was signed "LSPDV." (Leonardo's full name was Leonardo Ser Pieri Da Vincio).

More intriguing still is the legend that the visionary Leonardo, in the days before his death, made a powerful prophecy about the future. Could this be Da Vinci's long lost prediction? Historians remain eager to learn what this parchment says. The code has yet to reveal its mystery, but Robert Langdon is very close to finding the key to deciphering the message.
Leonardo's encoded message consists of 24 symbols. Robert Langdon is certain there exists a key, and he is working very hard to find it.

The "Sacred Geometry" of the Masonic layout of streets in Washington, D.C., will most likely lead Brown's Professor Langdon to discover that Fort Marcy Park lies along the same line as that made by the National Mall, which lies between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, and that extending that line almost all the way across the United States would pass directly through the Mormon Tabernacle Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Oddly, the Mormon Tabernacle is closed to the public throughout 2006.) Even more eerie, a line drawn from the Washington Monument to Rock Creek Park, where the body of Chandra Levy, a attractive Jewish woman who was a federal Bureau of Prisons intern and the secret lover of a Congressman, was found in 2002, would, if extended, pass through the Scottish Rite Freemasonic Center in D.C., as well as through Freemason's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Above Levy's name is handwritten the words "Shari Eli." Perhaps a character name? Chandra is Sanskrit for "light," that which Masons claim to seek.

One of the strangest pages may be this list of statues and monuments in the Washington, D.C. area, with perplexing phrases after them:

  • D.C. Masonic Temple — Irish ale
  • Jeff Memorial — A fenced in miser
  • Albert Pike statue — Fresh cad onto a monk
  • Persephone statue on Capitol — Hi, Israel
  • Geo. Washington Masonic Memorial — Print a rug, Ben
  • Washington Obelisk — Accords femmes

Notes: The last one may refer to the Washington Monument. "Accords femmes" translates from French into "women's agreements."

George Washington and Albert Pike were both Freemasons, as was Ben Franklin, who may be the "Ben" referenced in one of the phrases. "Ben" may also refer to the character Ben Gates in the film National Treasure.

The message of the Georgia Guidestones, written in English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, and Swahili is:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


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