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This page is dedicated to my female readers.  Since you're reading this--one would have to assume one of the following :  you're interest has been peaked,  you've read the novel and are interested in learning more.  Perhaps you wanted to find out about: 

  •      the emerging new talent who wrote the book.
  •      or enjoy reading suspense thrillers .

Maybe you wanted to see if the nutcase who wrote it was a certified--male chauvinist pig, an intellegent  and sensitive author,  or you landed here by some strange twist of fate.  

I highly value the opinions and mind-set of my female readers.  However, being a writer I also suffer from the writer's curse:  Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) commonly known as SKD--Stephen King Disorder.  In other words, I'm a bit of a smart-ass, too.  But aren't all men?

I choose the running Superhero Woman as the logo for your pages because I believe that all women--whether they're a high school or college student, married or single, a career woman or a CEO of the home/mother-- are truly ... Wonder Women!

Now relax, sit back, and click away at your site!  Enjoy the Hunks,  the Jokes , and the Quiz!  But most of all--thank you for your interest!


Come on now. It's exactly what you suspected...
Only the scale is off. It's too big right!

Mel "Signs" Gibson
Bet you wished you were barracaded in that movie farm house with him!

Rate Your Date Are you destined for a second date? Take our quiz and see...

1.  Your date is picking you up at 7pm, at 6:45pm you are:
    Pretty much ready, a little lip gloss and you'll be set.
Browsing through your closet for the perfect outfit to wear.
Waiting on the porch in case he arrives early.
Painting your nails.
2. How do you react when he comments on how great you look?
    You flash a big smile and say thanks!
You reply that it isn't easy being this beautiful!
You insist that he must be blind and point out your blemishes one by one.
Feeling self conscience, you look down and mumble thanks.
3. How do you decide what movie to see?
    You insist on a sappy romance to set the mood for your date.
You reluctantly agree on the new horror flick, even though you'll have nightmares tonight.
You can't agree on anything and end up arguing outside all night.
You compromise on a thriller that appeals to you both.
4. He pulls out his wallet to buy the movie tickets and you:
    Thank him a million times.
Offer to buy the popcorn.
Run to the bathroom.
Insist that you buy your own ticket.
5. You head out for a bite to eat after the movie and spot your ex in the restaurant, so you:
    Don't even give it a second thought, you're not going to let HIM ruin your evening.
Request a table right next to him and his homely date.
Insist that your date to take you somewhere else.
Slide into a booth and sulk.
6. You guys gab for an hour at the restaurant, what's the conversation like?
    You gossiping about all the people you don't like and why.
He talked about himself the entire time, you were barely listening.
A good mix of both of your interests.
A few awkward silences, but you thought it went well.
7. Your date is coming to an end and he leans in for a kiss goodnight, you:
    Give him a quick peck on the cheek.
Turn your head and cough, just in time to avoid the kiss.
Run in the house screaming.
Kiss him!


Now, now, ladies. Let's talk ...
George "I'm Batman" Clooney says, "Vote for me!

Ladies! Get your disposable man ...
Not available in stores! Call 1-800-I WILL SURVIVE!

If you need a "cool hand" or a slow hand ...
Vote for me. Mr. Paul "blue eyes" Newman.

We slightly older men are much more interesting.
Would you agree, Ms. Moneypenny?

Are we having fun yet?  I hope you are.  Here's one more hunk and a couple of jokes.  Don't forget to--Vote!  Then scroll to the bottom to link to page two!  See what happened to that old friend/enemy that stole your guy ....

Meg Ryan had to bring him from the PAST!
What was the name of the movie Hugh Jackman co-starred in?

Click on media player's right arrow below.
Hear Meg Ryan's version of honesty when it
comes to men.  Or men--and how
little they really know about women!

What you're looking for in a man ... vs.
Who's looking for the "perfect" woman!

If you're enjoying yourself and wish to see more--click on the link below!

Hunks: Ladies Only Page Two

The Truth about Evolution!
Survival of the fittest!

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